Glued to Our Screens: Tech as a Window to Pop Culture

A window into the abyss.

The New York Times recently published an article titled “Why We Can’t Look Away From Our Screens” by Claudia Dreifus. I highly recommend reading it if you frequently find yourself, as I do, constantly checking your smart phone throughout the day. Smart phones are a technology, and like most technologies, they aren’t inherently good or evil. They can be used for either good or evil, and are merely a reflection of the person using the technology.

For example, the simplest form of technology, a wheel, can be used to transport someone to the hospital or to run over someone. Likewise, a smart phone can be used for good or evil. But this is not a technology blog, it’s an Anti Pop Culture blog, and as such, we will try to understand the intersection between technology and Pop Culture.

Our modern definition of Pop Culture, the True Narrative, is that Pop Culture is controlled and promulgated to us by the Pop State. It is not promulgated to us by the people we live around and associate with. The Pop State does not live around us and must therefore reach us via another means. That means is technology.

Movies come to us via cinemas, TV and now tablets and phones.

TV shows come to us via TV and now tablets and phones.

The News comes to us via TV, radio, print and now tablets and phones.

Sports comes to us via stadiums, TV and now tablets and phones.

Celebrity culture comes to us via magazines and now tablets and phones.

Social media comes to us via computers and now tablets and phones.

It’s easy to see that the common factor in how each of these Pop Culture entities is arriving at our eyes and brains is via tablets and phones. Tablets and phones have almost replaced all other media. I will reiterate that this is not an anti-technology blog and I fully intend to continue to use my tablet and smart phone. But it is of the utmost importance to be aware of the primary means by which Pop Culture is being thrust upon us.

If our goal is to Reduce our consumption of Pop Culture, then it is necessary to be cognizant of the fact that every time we view our screens, we are opening a window to that Pop Culture world and allowing the Pop State to influence us. There have been many times in my life, where my day was going just fine, and then an article caught my eye on my phone. Next thing I know I’m reading an article that is designed to play on my emotions and I spend the rest of the day mad and fuming at what I just read. The Pop State succeeded in ruining my day, and now my heart is a little bit darker. But it was my own fault for giving it a window into my life. Therefore, be very vigilant every time you look at your piece of technology. It is very easy for your eye to catch a glimpse of something and suck you in. Even glancing at the abyss is enough for it to stare back into you.


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