Anti Pop Culture

“If you gaze too long into the abyss, the abyss gazes also into you.” – Friedrich Nietzsche.

I’m starting this blog to encourage us to Reduce our consumption of Pop Culture. Ultimately, we must Refuse to participate in the world they dictate we live in, and Reject its influence in our lives and in our societies. Our quest is to become freer, more self-actualized human beings.

The premise of this blog is two-fold:

  1. Popular culture has a negative influence on our lives, and must be reduced or eliminated.
  2. Popular culture has a negative influence on our societies, and must be reduced or eliminated.

Changing a society is much, much harder than changing yourself. If we focus on #1, then #2 will follow.

I am currently taking this journey myself. I had long been a big fan of all types of media: movies, TV, magazines, books, sports and the news. At some point, I began to notice negative feelings and thoughts that I had never before experienced. I would get mad when watching a TV show, or upset about a sporting event, and even felt my mind being controlled when reading the news. In other aspects of my life, I felt positive emotions. I had healthy relationships with people who were important to me. I had hobbies that I enjoyed. I even had a job that I enjoyed going to. After much self-reflection, I realized that everything that made me happy were all the important and necessary things in life: relationships, job, hobbies. And everything that made me unhappy were all the unnecessary and unimportant things in life: mass media, mass entertainment, talking heads, commentators, advertising.

It didn’t take me long to reach the conclusion: if everything that made me unhappy was unnecessary and unimportant, why couldn’t I just eliminate it from my life?

I was reminded of the famous quote by Friedrich Nietzsche – “If you gaze too long into the abyss, the abyss gazes also into you.” Mass media, entertainment and popular culture were an abyss – a deep and dark abyss that I was staring into. That darkness had started to stare back into me, into my soul, whispering thoughts into my head that didn’t belong there. But like a train wreck in progress, it was hard to look away. Drug addicts already know they need to stop taking drugs, you don’t have to tell them. It’s not that they don’t want to stop, it’s that they can’t stop.

Reading around on the internet, watching TV, listening to the radio or even talking with coworkers, family and friends, I noticed that many other people seemed angry. After listening, truly listening and not just trying to insert my opinion, I realized that most of what people are angry about in our society stems from the same mass consumption, popular culture issues. Sure, some people in our society are dealing with issues related to the important stuff: family and provisions and other necessities that sustain our lives. But many, I dare say most, people are angry over things that are completely unimportant: something a celebrity tweeted, a newspaper reported on, a politician said, a sports team did. Mass hysteria over completely fabricated controversy.

If others are experiencing the same darkness that I was, and still am, in some ways; then maybe we can work together to try to stop looking into the same abyss. The Anti Pop Culture movement, where we can help each other look away. I guarantee that breaking our gaze from the abyss of popular culture will improve the quality of our lives tremendously. And if enough people are able to break the gaze, then our society as a whole will be better.

If you will join the Anti Pop Culture movement, then together we can improve ourselves and maybe, the world.


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